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Direct Primary Care

DPC stands for "Direct Primary Care". It is a model where the patient and the practice enter a direct agreement and the patient pays the practice a periodic set fee. The practice never submits any insurance claims for services it renders. The DPC model focuses on the one-on-one interaction between the patient and the physician. Office visits are about being a doctor and listening to the patient. Office visits are unlimited, have little to no time constraints, and are fully inclusive (nearly all services are included at no additional cost). Each patient gets a highly personalized and coordinated health care plan. And what's even better is that the patient has direct access to their physician 24/7 via enhanced communication.

In our office, labs and digital x-rays are performed on site. Several labs are free of charge, while the remainder can be charged in either of two ways. Under the DPC model, we have wholesale contracted costs with our vendors. Therefore you can chose to pay wholesale lab costs (typically 75-80% off what is typically charged through insurance) or have your insurance billed by the lab vendor. Its up to you!

DPC is like Concierge medicine, except DPC is not profit driven. Everything is at wholesale costs. There is no markup or profit to be made by us. We are completely transparent. So any additional costs like vaccinations, administered medications, etc. are billed at our cost. We can even obtain medical supplies or equipment for you at wholesale costs. We have even negotiated significantly reduced costs for diagnostic testing performed elsewhere. This includes CT's, MRI's, Ultrasound, Cardiac testing, and more. All the savings are passed on to you!

The model still encourages people to carry health insurance, but we can assist in choosing the right format. You should have health insurance for specialty care and hospitalizations, not for your routine health care. An analogy would be that you don't buy car insurance to cover oil changes or engine maintenance. Nor do you buy home insurance to cover lawn maintenance or changing light bulbs! Your health insurance should be for catastrophic care. Under the DPC model, the cost savings is significant, but with the added benefit of exceptional health care.

Why are we doing this? Because we just want to be a doctor and practice medicine. That's why we went to medical school! We want patients to have access to medical care without barriers created by high costs, insurance carriers, or bureaucracy.

To learn more about DPC, visit DPC.org